How To Create Customer Value

Design, Communication, Deliver

How To Create Customer Value:

1) What makes the offering attractive to customers
2) How will customers become aware of the offering
3) How will customers acquire the offering

Every business is looking for ways to drive more value to both their companies and their customer bases. Let’s examine 3 simple ways to do just that:


1) What makes the offering attractive to customers

Answer: DESIGN

This is about the benefits and costs associated with the product/service. Price, Incentives, and Brand Appeal are characteristics seen here.

2) How will Customers become aware of the offering


The company needs to tell the public about its new product service (phone, coffee drink, etc.). Word of Mouth Referrals are 2x as Effective as they carry no costs and include a Trust element among peers.

3) How will Customers acquire the offering


You've designed the product, and told your target customers about it. Now it's time to deliver. Show customers how they can obtain the offering. Deliver incentives, brand-related information, and collect payments.

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